Ramini gives a Hoot!

I have been in an administrative position for 17 years and never thought that I would be able to go into the field to promote environmental awareness.  The Penguin Waddle gave me that.  Waddling afforded me the  opportunity to make a difference by creating awareness so that we can cherish those amazing sea birds, penguins.  The waddle gave me memories I will treasure for a lifetime….
Hooting for awareness? Who would have thought that hooting a car horn for awareness was even possible?  As we walked, the hoots for penguins gave us encouragement.  We knew that we were connecting with people and creating awareness.  I experienced an incredible sense of achievement and satisfaction.

I returned home with renewed sense of self-being, appreciating more and being more environmentally conscious. My plan to keep my Penguin Promise ”Taking my experience into my home and showing others that you can make a difference!!”


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