2011 Waddle Reflections by Gabrielle Harris – uShaka Sea World

Penguin Promises is a campaign that I am passionate about changing behaviour rather than having people throw money at something to clear their conscience is what our planet needs right now.  To be involved in an awareness project for Penguin Promises has been a wonderful honour.  To be a member of the Animal Keepers Association of Africa, and work a project that has been so welcomed by our industry and is being beautifully honoured by the public we have met so far is amazing.  Who would have thought that so many are eager for a world that works.  For a long time I have been suffered with what can only be termed eco-depression.  So, to do something for the planet that focuses on what we can do gives me hope.  And, the cherry on the top, is that people are buying into this concept.  To share waddling for a week with some really impressive women, who all share this vision, was incredible.  Heartfelt thanks to John  Werth.  Thank you too to all my colleagues at uShaka Sea World for holding the fort together and to the directors for supporting this cause.

To all this week is a symbol of hope.  We can change the planet for the better.  Where creatures great and small will thrive, and humans will respectfully appreciate all.  Penguin Promises is now alive and well.  Whats next?


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