Waddle 2016 Reflections

Penguin Promises is an incredible energy. This year’s waddle was once again testament to this. A gathering of 16 people at the start of the week from all walks of life. Many had never met. Our first international Waddler, Leitza from Combe Martin Wildlife and Animal Park. Bertram our driver from De Kat Tours (who sponsored the support). Two staff members from Old Mutual Finance, Thabo and Cara (Who sponsored logistics and food). Johannesburg Zoo’s Elaine Reeve. Crowd from the Two Oceans Aquarium – volunteers Vernon and Ayrton, Social Media guru Ingrid, Campaign Manager Hayley – who also coordinated all logistics for the event – a monumental task, and Renee who looked after media. Then the South African Association for Marine Biological Research crowd – Gabby – behaviour manager for uShaka Sea World, Colette – Assistant Curator of Mammals and Birds, Presha – Informal Education Senior, Lesley – Herpetologist and Leandra – Dolphin care specialist. And last but certainly not least Louise from SANCCOB.


Tentatively at first and then gradually opening up to smile and laugh and share, this team grew closer and more effective by the minute. A really positive group of people who were committed to the idea – and practical in its application
The objective of the waddle – to raise awareness for our action campaign, and encourage promises. Mission accomplished.
It is beautiful to note how the locals along the route are more aware of our comings and goings now that year 6 is behind us. Supporting the objective and publishing it widely. Media was so supportive. We were featured on SABC every morning, thanks in part to the incredible videography editing of Renee. Social media was busy, and we all had the opportunity to share and share.
And of course the special moments of meeting up with like minded penguin and planet lovers along the way, and special mention of the incredible penguin moments.

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Being caught up in the passion of caring for the planet coupled with endorphins from the physical effort always result in tears flowing when we reach Stoney Point in Betty’s Bay and Boulders Beach in Simonstown. It becomes so real that these birds and our planet is in trouble, and when we finally see them for real our objective is fuelled by passion.
The most beautiful aspect of this week is that we consciously live and walk our talk. We all strive to share our personal promises and support each other to look at new potential promises.

A week of vegetarian and this week a fair amount of vegan eating. No bottled water. Talking to people and encouraging the same. The feeling is hippies with purpose. Focussing on what we can do. Making personal changes in our lives to ensure we walk our talk.
This week would not be possible without the support of sponsors and supporters, and for this enormous gratitude is in order. To walk in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Because our hearts have been stolen by the beauty and the penguins. To know at an essential level that all that is required to save our species and respect our planet is conscious living by the human race.
Another inspiring week. #waddle2016. #lovepenguins. #startwith1thing.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Time to share the inspiration.

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