Reflection on the Waddle 2017 by Saskia van Geuns

The Waddle 2017 was an incredible experience. I loved waking up every day knowing that I would be walking for a purpose. Knowing that I was taking action to make a change was extremely rewarding. Throughout and prior to the waddle I felt very inspired as I had the power to make a difference – great or small. I have always loved the ocean but this Waddle created a strong calling inside me to conserve the ocean and the creatures inhabiting it.
It was awe inspiring to spend the week surrounded by people who were as passionate as I was about conservation. I enjoyed listening to everyone’s experiences in conservation and their experience of the Waddle. All the waddlers were so lovely and we all became a family.
Encouraging people to hoot to raise awareness for the endangered African Penguin was satisfying knowing that they also wanted to take action to conserve the African Penguin. Every hoot provided the team with hope and that hope carried us forward.
A highlight of the Waddle was definitely visiting Stoney Point colony in Bettys Bay. When seeing the African Penguins in their natural habitat it confirmed my purpose for waddling and it gave me a great sense of joy.
Thank you to everyone who made the Waddle 2017 possible – the supporters, the public and lastly my fellow waddlers; thank you!