Martin’s memories for life!

There are absolutely no words that could possibly justify the phenomenal once in a lifetime experience that I was extremely fortunate to be part of. This journey truly felt as though I was living a dream and I hoped to never wake from it.  Sadly, all good things come to an end and now this remarkable journey is purely a memory that shall be treasured forever.
My fellow waddlers have become an addition to my family, we had our laughs, pains, moans and groans.  We kept each other going until the very end. We walked, walked and walked until we had blisters on our feet but that for sure did not stop us from walking the walk and talking the talk. We had a mission to complete and we certainly achieved our goal as we did it as ONE.

This experience was the perfect example of life’s purpose, sharing your passion with others around you, making a difference, laughing until you no longer can, taking risks that enhance the adventure, seeing and appreciating the beauty mother nature exhibits on a daily basis, enjoying the freshest, healthiest and finest resources provided by the earth, especially with unique enthusiasts!

My lesson: Inspire people to care for our one and only planet!



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