Hayley’s waddle put into words…

Walking consecutively long distances is the cheapest form of therapy, and I only came to truly appreciate this very recently! Each year, as the Waddle approaches, I find myself smiling in anticipation of this now warmly familiar pilgrimage along the spectacular Cape east coast.

I’ve never considered the Waddle to be a pilgrimage before… so why now? Well when I investigated the offered definitions of this word, I found these that reflect exactly how I feel about this trek:

  • a journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious (for me-environmental) devotion
  • anylong journey, especially one undertaken as a quest or for a votive purpose, as to pay homage

Paying homage to the African penguin and our sacred environment over the past seven years has evolved into purpose, in the progression of the Penguin Promises campaign, and the devotion felt by all participants during this six day walk is also truly palpable! So a ‘pilgrimage’ the Waddle most definitely has become.

What a neat little box hey? But wait, there is more… This is a call to action people!

The Waddle undertaking is about creating far-reaching environmental awareness, throughout communities, which leads to individual action. Our mission is to engage with public all along the route, inspiring and empowering them to join our crusade in caring for our earth. Having an enthusiastic and focussed team to communicate these messages for 125kms, over 6 days, through several coastal towns and across many schools is the best support an event co-ordinator could ever ask for. I remain eternally grateful for the opportunities I have to do this work!

Hayley McLellan

Environmental Campaigner – Two Oceans Aquarium


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