Gabby – What #Waddle2017 meant to me…

Gabby Harris (right) and Martine Viljoen (Left)

I am so blessed to do the waddle.  Even more blessed that I have done it for the last seven years.  I am also so grateful to all the sponsors and organisers.  This has become a week where I recharge my enthusiasm.  Plug into possibility, relate with incredible endorphin enriched energy, interact with passionate people, and work to inspire a difference.  That is what it is all about: getting those promises and commitments to the penguins.  I was concerned that there seemed to be less penguins this year than in previous years, which makes this and similar initiatives all the more important.  I feel confident that my fellow waddlers have been similarly inspired, and will waddle off into the future, with a voice to empower humans in their lives to do the right thing. We are a part of a beautiful world.  To experience it, one footstep at a time, is the essence of living. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all who say yes to this inspiring week.  Thank you too to all our virtual waddlers and supporters (-:

Gabby Harris
Animal Behaviour Management & Guest Experience
South African Association for Marine Biological Research

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