About Penguin Promises

Penguins inspire action for the planet.

The African Penguins were declared an endangered species.
The penguin in the ocean is the same as the canary in the coalmine. †Their decline means that the oceans are in trouble. † Penguins need healthy oceans and so do we.

The ‘Penguin Promises’ campaign is aimed at getting people to commit to an environmental action that will help conserve†our wonderful planet.

1. Awareness of the plight of the African penguin and the reasons is the first step.

2. Enabling people to come up with an action that will assist in saving the penguin is the next part of the campaign.

3. Researching if this type of campaign works and the behavioural change in people, is the scientific part of the project.


Penguin Promises†grew from a group of zookeepers looking†for a way to inspire positive environmental action.

Question:† What is positive environmental action?
Answer:† Anything we do as individuals that is good for the planet.

Question:† How do we inspire people to make a promise to do something for the planet?
Answer:† We donít.† Penguins do. Everyone loves penguins.† Penguins inspire conservation promises.


Question:† What does saving penguins have to do with all the other species and ecosystems?
Answer:† Personal action that is good for penguins is good for the planet.


Question:† What is a “Penguin Promise”?
Answer:† Visit our what YOU can do tab to find some ideas.