2011 Waddle Thoughts by Ruth Wright – Two Oceans Aquarium

If only life was black and white like a penguin.  Life and conservation issues are often shades of grey. There were times during our walk when the rain was pouring down, the wind was howling and it was very cold and I simply had to put my head down and keep putting one foot in front of the other waddling along, trying to survive. Life for a penguin in these days is hard, especially in light of all the recent threats facing our penguin populations. For moments during the waddle I truly did begin to wonder what it was like to be a penguin.   As I said,  it was very cold and I could have been suffering slightly from hypothermia at the time.  

All joking aside, it was an amazing experience and even for a brief moment to put myself in a penguins shoes or should I say flippers, was a really good conservation exercise. So often we get involved in conservation projects because we are passionate about the environment but with little thought to the actual animals themselves and the animals just become a poster child to a cause. It was really awesome and very rewarding to end our walk at the two penguin colonies to be reminded of why and who we were waddling for.


I hope and pray that someone, somewhere will have seen the waddle, heard the message, pledged a promise and will actively try to make a change in their lifestyle that will ultimately affect the environment and by inference our penguin populations. If life were a little more black and white for the penguins then maybe extinction would not be inevitable.


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